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We see an unprecedented moment of opportunity, right now. The heightened and passionate interest of women in advocacy offers a chance to build durable progressive majorities for years to come. We see our role as providing support for women activists who are active members of civil society, fighting on behalf of policy changes that will improve the lives of all women. With our support, we want to build a world where civic activity is a part of everyday life, as basic as picking your kids up from school, or attending community events with your neighbors.

The Women Effect Fund is uniquely positioned to work with the field of organizations that mobilize for women’s equality, identify and organize resources, and take advantage of new opportunities. The WEF’s charitable and educational work focuses on catalyzing grassroots energy and advancing policy solutions that work for women and families. For example, the WEF has focused on expanding access to paid family and medical leave and earned sick leave, ensuring that more than 15 million people have gained access to earned sick leave in the past ten years.

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